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Libinput 1.8 Released

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  • Libinput 1.8 Released

    Phoronix: Libinput 1.8 Released

    Peter Hutterer has released libinput version 1.8 for X.Org and Wayland systems as the generic input handling library...

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    Now that we apparently have wacom tablet support, will we get non-wacom tablet support too? On that subject, I hope someone will pick up that Digimend torch... It's pretty sad to see that project in free-fall considering that it is sort of a requirement if you want to be a budget artist using linux... Wacom is not a budget brand, it's more like... Apple you know, up to 5x higher prices because they can and all that.

    By non-wacom support I of course mean the tablets that are currently supported by digimend that are currently wired to work with evdev through some voodoo.