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The Features You Won't Find In The Linux 4.12 Kernel

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    Originally posted by eydee View Post
    Do we know of any Ryzen issues that are caused by the kernel? I don't think so. There are no patches because we don't need them. Ryzen works fine already.
    Ryzen does work fine, but to my understanding it has some room for improvement. Just a couple tweaks here and there - I don't think it needs much work. I personally am satisfied with my 1500X. Despite being 1 GHz slower than my old 6300 (at 4.5GHz), it still does noticeably better in most tasks core-per-core while using half the wattage.


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      Originally posted by Ekland View Post
      Well bcachefs can't be merged until it is actually pushed upstream, and the author still have features and bugs to fix before he will do that, which in turn sounds wise.

      ZFS in mainline can only happen if either Linux or ZFS change license, which is extremely unlikely. The OpenZFS guys would likely be willing to relicense their changes to the ZFS codebase in a GPLv2 compatible manner, but their code is derived from ZFS which is owned by Oracle, and as such it's pointless unless Oracle relicenses the original project.
      Guess they'll have to start rewriting code to take away the oracle copyright then:-)


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        Originally posted by Redfoxmoon View Post

        Guess they'll have to start rewriting code to take away the oracle copyright then:-)
        That's btrfs.

        You can't just rewrite code to remove copyrights. You can do a clean re-implementation but that is a lot harder than it sounds, and may still infringe patents. Doing a clean re-implementation requires having a set of developers who have never seen the original implementation's sources. zfs is such an interesting project to fs developers that it's pretty unlikely you'll find a set of competent developers who have never looked at the zfs sources. The intersection of that group with a desire to reinvent the wheel and with the free time to actually do it, would be so small that it would take many years to happen. Meanwhile btrfs keeps getting better and has Facebook backing it, so which one do you think you'll be using for the next 10 years, and 10 years from now do you think that tiny group will still be re-implementing zfs? Bzzt.