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Testing F2FS With Its Multi-Drive Capabilities

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  • Testing F2FS With Its Multi-Drive Capabilities

    Phoronix: Testing F2FS With Its Multi-Drive Capabilities

    Late last year F2FS picked up multiple device support for this Flash-Friendly File-System. This F2FS multi-drive capability isn't native RAID support like Btrfs but just allows a single F2FS file-system to span multiple devices. But it's more than that in that block allocation and the garbage collection policy is modified to boost I/O performance by taking advantage of the multiple SSD/flash devices.

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    Just curious, but what was the cpu utilisation?

    It would be nice putting it up against MD raid0 and Btrfs raid0 next multi disk filesystems comparison.


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      I also would like to know the CPU usage. I feel its essentially irrelevant with the CPU choice, but if that method is a RAID-0-like, that's some bizarre results.

      Can we see the chappy's results you mentioned Michael? Any one else chime in with their own results?


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        Would be cool to have tests on crappier media, like USB flash drives or SD cards. As that's where f2fs should make a bigger difference. On SSDs there is already a beefy controller dealing with that.