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FFmpeg 3.3 Brings Native Opus Encoder, Support For Spherical Videos

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    What's the point of creating a different Opus encoder? Can't they adapt the "official" one and send any enhancements they need upstream?


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      Originally posted by Elyotna View Post

      The guy writing the native opus encoder is the same one who revamped FFmpeg's internal AAC encoder and made it on par with fdk-aac quality wise, so there's that.
      True, there is hope. Of course, like with Vorbis they don't have as much of an incentive since there is a good open reference implementation, unlike with AAC.


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        Originally posted by cj.wijtmans View Post
        monolithic is bad mmhhkay.
        Where is the standard for registering media encoder/decoders?
        You are, aware, I hope, that the solution people have settled on in codec packs for Windows to make everything play nice together is to replace over 90% of the Windows codec mess with ffdshow? (With the remaining bits outside of ffdshow being cases where ffmpeg is currently lacking)

        Pluggable bits and pieces are good in theory, but they add combinatorial complexity. (That's also why various apps, like Quod Libet, simply refuse to support Gentoo Linux.)