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Announcing OpenGL timer query support for libframetime

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  • Announcing OpenGL timer query support for libframetime

    Hi all,

    It bothered me that libframetime output couldn't be reliably used for computing variance of frametimes, so I decided to do something about it:
    introducing OpenGL timer queries: now GPU timers are used instead of CPU timers,
    for more info, see:

    Here is a figure to give you an idea of the accuracy improvement:

    I've sent a pull request to merge this feature into the original repo,
    but for now you can already test it yourself by cloning my repo:
    git clone
    And if anyone has free time, you can also try running and let me know if you get a number higher than 4.

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    Michael If feasible for you, it might be interesting to test this new feature with some test profiles that use libframetime on AMD and/or NVIDIA card(s).

    Just making sure it doesn't crash and still presents reasonable values would be already very useful.
    As far as NVIDIA is concerned, both the proprietary and open source driver should provide reasonable results.
    For AMD I'm less sure, but I think it should be OK there as well.

    I've tested on NVIDIA and Intel systems, with open source drivers.
    No tests done on AMD however.