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Fedora on CF card as hard drive

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  • Fedora on CF card as hard drive

    I am building a new light weight data server, and I have chosen to build it off of the new Via C7 mini ITX platform. I have my system built and ready to go, I am just having trouble getting my operating system on the CF drive.
    Originally I had planned on running FreeBSD on a 1gb flash card, but after getting it installed, while trying to mount the hard drives I seem to corrupt something. I am not that comfortable with the straight command line unix type interface, and I much prefer a simple GUI. As this data server will be accessed by the rest of my family I need something atleast easy to for them to navigate if I ever need to trouble shoot problems over the phone or something. So I decided to give Fedora 5 a shot, as I run that on my 24/7 Folding At Home machine without issue. I downloaded the DVD iso and burned it to a disk, before trying to install I scan the disk and it's all good. I tried to installl fedora, and it told me I required about 1.2gb of space, so I replaced the 1gb CF card with a 2gb.
    I format the card and try to install fedora once more, but it gives me the same message that I have insufficient space. So I go back in and repartition everything myself trying to maximize hard drive space and I come out with like 1.9gb of space (with only 100mb swap file) and I try again. I recieve the same error that I do not have enough hard drive space.

    So now I am thinking that the dvd is trying to store the temp files on the CF card and its eating up all my space, is this what is going on? Or is there something else that is the problem?
    The board is a "Phylon 7F2WE-1G" found here:
    The CF adapter is a "CFDISK.5H" found here:
    The CF card I am using is a PQI 2gb 100x, which I cant find on PQI's site, but I bought it for $50 at Fry's Electronics.

    So my question is, can anyone see the issue and help me figure out a way to get this to work? Would I have to buy a new CF card? I would much rather not as a 4gb CF card is about the same price as a 37GB WD raptor and in the long run it may be the better investment.Or hell I could build a small RAID array for half the cost of either.
    If anyone has a work around for my issue, could you please help me out? I would much appreciate any help or advice.

    Also, would it just be easier to pick a different linux distribution to use? If so which one? I really don't have but basic experience with various linux distributions, but I am a fast learner and dont have any problem finding tutorials or reference material online to read up on.

    Thanks for reading
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    SLAX is a very light-weight Linux LiveCD (though can be installed to hard-drive), and recently they began offering a special server edition. I have only experimented with SLAX Server v5.1.6, but I recall hearing success stories with it for mini servers.

    What sort of services are you interested in having run on your server?
    Michael Larabel


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      The server is going to be replacing the dual P2 server I have upstairs currently. It will primarly be a data server, for family members to drag and drop files for back up purposes. The server I have currently also runs as a DNS server, so if I could take over that functionality also it would good, otherwise thats it.
      The focus was to be low cost, low power, low noise, and its software/service requirements are slim.

      I should also note that this system will not use a cd rom drive as I wont have room. I could hook up an external cd rom if needed, but I would like the OS to be stored on the flash card, and use the 2-4 drives for storage only. Is it a more complicated set up to install slax on the CF card, or will it be just like any other installation?
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        ok, I got slax server edition up and running, I jus tneed to configure it a bit, but I have it booting off of a 512mb CF card. I am quite happy thus far, the OS is quite small and easy to manage, navigation is easy, and I havn't had any problems. Thank you once again for pointing me towards this distribution!


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          You're very much welcome! If you run into any other problems, just post it in the forums.
          Michael Larabel