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Coreboot 4.5 Officially Released

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  • Coreboot 4.5 Officially Released

    Phoronix: Coreboot 4.5 Officially Released

    Coreboot 4.5 is now available as the latest version of this open-source BIOS/firmware implementation project for those looking toward the bi-annual releases rather than Git...

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    I would love to see support for the Dell XPS 13 "Sputnik" developer laptop.


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      *sigh* Chrome-this, Chrome-that (yes, I know big G "bought" coreboot). Oh, well, and an interesting board, but a developer edition (unaffordable and hard to come by).
      Still good, but I'd really wish there'd be some generic things, that (advanced) end-users can use to begin with and support for normal (consumer) boards. Something with AM2..AM3+, AM1, FM2(+) or the upcoming AM4. And better documentation.

      And better care for alredy done boards. I mean, some units get a get a "green light" - but some months later nobody knows if it still works, or thing break and the entry (the sub-page) for the very boards contains very little info. Or something like poweroff doesn't work. Or PS/2 keyboard will work in Seabios but not in Linux/bash/X/whatev.

      And I wish for more time so I could actually experiment with my ancient cheapo boards and thin clients (I won't use my production level machines, not even with a backup chip).
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