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Adobe Updates Flash Player 10 RC

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  • Adobe Updates Flash Player 10 RC

    Phoronix: Adobe Updates Flash Player 10 RC

    A month ago Adobe had pushed out its Flash Player 10 Release Candidate for Linux and their other supported platforms. Flash Player 10 introduces new 3D features, updated APIs, V4L2 web-camera support, and a variety of other improvements...

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    Adobe. Making flash suck less, a little bit at a time.


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      Doesn't work here (even Adobe's test page). Went back to previous 07xxxx release.


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        This release is a clear regression, when you do ldd on it you see this:

        ./ /lib/tls/ version `GLIBC_2.4' not found (required by ./ => not found => not found => not found => not found => not found => not found

        That means it is too new for Debian etch.


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          you should use gnash on debian to be more coherent to debians policy. some times I don't understand debian users. sorry.
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            Do you think I am a normal user?


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              I was just joking

              anyways on kubuntu 8.04 64bit I have the same issue


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                Originally posted by Kano View Post
                That means it is too new for Debian etch.
                Ouch. I'd say that was a problem for Adobe then...


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                  Quick question, what about Flash content overlapping navigation menu on a lot of sites? Has that been fixed within Flash 10?


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                    Yes, that transparent menu/background things are fixed - all overlapping stuff works (example see the menus in adobe's own website ). In fact I remember I was happy to see it fixed in the version released in May itself .

                    Although a thing to note - sometimes sites with such overlapping menus crash, like (although I don't know its because of overlapping menus or heavy flash'ing in general).

                    On a related note, the website crashing thing is/was very frequent with firefox 3.0.X. Fortunately, I have been content with firefox 3.1 trunk (minefield).

                    Also here is something - on my year old Gentoo (glibc 2.5, gcc 4.1.2, ..), minefield with this latest flash beta works perfectly. But on Ubuntu 8.04.1, firefox is buggy as expected ( crashes for example), but minefield also has some glitches - example playing youtube videos fullscreen hangs the browser.

                    The two nagging issues for me that have been fixed with this rc - some flash sites are faster and more perfect (like,,, playing youtube videos in high quality no longer says " video no longer available.