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Need some help with remastersys 2.0-6

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  • Need some help with remastersys 2.0-6

    First a little background on remastersys. It is a script I wrote to remaster an Ubuntu or variant install into a livecd/dvd. It has a backup mode which essentially makes a live backup of your system and a distributable mode which makes something similar to the original Ubuntu livecd.

    I'm struggling with this problem ever since the 7.x series of Ubuntu. On the 7.x versions it only happened sometimes but with the 8.x versions it seems to happen all the time.

    I have remastersys 2.0-6 finished except for 1 nagging bug which I desperately need help with.

    The problem - installing a remastered livecd/dvd causes Ubiquity to hang at about 94% which is the reconfiguring of the popularity-contest package. The amount of time it hangs can vary from 5 minutes and up.

    I've tried to purge the popularity-contest package and reinstall but it still happens. Removing the package altogether fixes it but then ubuntu-standard has an unresolved dependency as it depends on popularity-contest. Further removing the ubuntu-standard package will fix it but then folks don't have the option of participating in the popularity-contest if they want to.

    This isn't a showstopper since it does eventually finish the install but having it hang up like that is a pain.

    The script that does this within ubiquity is written in perl. I need to find out why the reconfigure portion of the install is hanging on popularity-contest.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated and I don't want to release 2.0-6 until this is done.