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    Originally posted by Passso View Post
    In this article 500 000 steam machines are compared to 10 000 000 PS4...
    Not very fair, Sony spent billions in marketing and exclusive titles.
    A marketing budget is something within Valve's control. Valve is a multi-billion dollar company. Valve also controls the most popular service in PC gaming, Steam, yet does little to promote Steam Machines via Steam. There was a time when Sony and Microsoft were both new entrants into the console market (and I would argue that was also a time when consoles were slightly less ubiquitous because they hadn't quite fully shed the image of being children's toys), and both Sony and Microsoft managed greater penetration during the first six months of their first console generations.

    Originally posted by Passso View Post
    BTW Steam machines are still not available out of USA.
    Of the original 15* manufacturers onboard to release Steam Machines, Alienware, MAINGEAR,, Scan, Syber, and ZOTAC have released Steam Machines: (, Scan (, and ZOTAC ( are not headquartered in the US, and, as one might expect, their Steam Machines are purchasable outside the US.

    Of the companies headquartered in the US:
    In addition to the US, Alienware's Steam Machine is available in at least the following 12 countries: Austria (; Belgium (, Canada (, Denmark (, France (, Germany (, Ireland (, Italy (, the Netherlands (, Spain (, Sweden (, and the UK ( In addition to online orders, the Alienware Steam Machine should also be available from at least the following brick-and-mortar stores outside the US: GAME (in the UK) and EB Games (in Canada). I believe GameStop still has brick-and-mortar exclusivity in the US, although people sometimes get the Alienware Steam Machine confused with the Alienware Alpha and thus report seeing the Alienware Steam Machine in brick-and-mortar stores other than GameStop when what these people are really seeing on display elsewhere is the Alienware Alpha. This being said, I would be surprised if very many individual GameStop stores are still dedicating shelf space for the Alienware Steam Machine.

    If you attempt to purchase MAINGEAR's Steam Machine (, there is a button labeled "International Checkout" which you can click during the checkout process, which lists 200+ countries and territories to which MAINGEAR will presumably ship. There is also an option to calculate "U.S. and international shipping estimates", so I assume MAINGEAR ships internationally. Whether, as part of this, MAINGEAR supplies the correct power cord, keyboard, etc. is a question for MAINGEAR's staff.

    Besides the US, Syber will ship to Canada.

    *The original 15: Alienware Corporation (Dell Inc.); ALTERNATE GmbH; ASUSTeK Computer Inc.; Digital Storm; Falcon Northwest; GIGA-BYTE Technology Co., Ltd.; iBUYPOWER Computer; MAINGEAR Corporation; (Domisys SAS); NEXT HARDWARE & SOFTWARE SpA; ORIGIN PC Corporation; Scan Computers International Ltd.; Syber (CyberPower, Inc.); Webhallen Sverige AB; ZOTAC International (MCO) Limited

    Originally posted by Passso View Post
    Steam machines seems to be a long time project for Valve, not an instant market killer.
    Or it's one of the most apathetic and mismanaged console launches in recent memory. I say console, as Steam Machines are targeted at the "console experience; dedicated gaming box" market. However, they have received less marketing than even some traditional PC hardware.

    I can't help but be somewhat reminded of Trip Hawkins' 3DO Interactive Multiplayer and Apple's PiPP!N in terms of how Steam Machines have been handled thus far. I do, however, think it is possible to turn this sluggish, muddled, and inattentive enterprise around.

    Originally posted by Passso View Post
    But there was 1 interressant comment (not from the writer): maybe the Steam Link is canibalizing those machines as console connected to TV.
    Introducing the Steam Link on the heels of the Steam Machine initiative was a strategic decision made by Valve, and thus also within Valve's control. I would not be surprised if some of the Steam Machine manufacturers consider the Steam Link to have cannibalized some of their potential Steam Machine sales.
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