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Btrfs File-System Updates For Linux 4.6

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    Originally posted by pal666 View Post
    but zfs is not mature on linux, there are just many clueless people
    1) Using CDDL-licensed ZFS with GPL-licensed kernel could be a violation of licensing, which is a big deal for corporate users who aren't exactly fond of idea of being caught on something like THIS. Sun had their wish to be incompatible with Linux. Let's respect it and see where is Sun and where is Linux, he-he. To the hell with CDDL.
    2) Its third-party module. GPU drivers vs ubuntu have already shown us how this performs. You upgrade OS version. Boom, black screen. Despite of DKMS gpu driver could fail to build or start anyway. Bummer. Even more fun if same thing happens to rootfs driver, ha-ha. That's how one fucks their system up for the real.
    3) Ubuntu default setup provides quite reasonable subvolumes setup by default. So one can snapshot /home and rest of system in independent manner. I wonder if zfs on ubuntu can do similar tricks.
    4) Btrfs is integrated with Linux, chattr +C or cp --reflink are working, etc and it even reuses RAID algos from appropriate kernel modules (just heavily optimized math though, not block-level approaches/lvm/etc).

    Speaking for myself, I'm dealing with VMs and SD card images and ability to cp --reflink them for cheap multi-version-alike approach is valuable ally to me. Now I can get "independent", "deduplcated" copy of VM or drive image in a blink of eye, while these are still "independent" files, by virtue of CoW. Not to mention it is handy keep some few snapshots in case something has gone terribly wrong, like infamous "rm -rf /usr /whatever/it/was", as seen in bumblebee epic bug.
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      Of course, if you want the newest btrfs-tools (4.5.1 at the moment), there's a way without updating to this kernel already, just compile it and it will install to userspace.

      sudo apt-get install git asciidoc xmlto --no-install-recommends -y
      sudo apt-get install uuid-dev libattr1-dev zlib1g-dev libacl1-dev e2fslibs-dev libblkid-dev liblzo2-dev -y
      cd /tmp
      git clone git://
      cd /tmp/btrfs-progs
      make -j`grep -c ^processor /proc/cpuinfo`
      sudo make install -j`grep -c ^processor /proc/cpuinfo`
      rm /tmp/btrfs-progs -rf
      cd ../ && bash

      ####[email protected]:/tmp$ btrfs --version
      ####btrfs-progs v4.5.1
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        slight OT but btrfs mailing list refuses to receive my mails (must be in a blacklist or something).

        I'm trying to run btrfs on a Marvell Kirkwood device (a pretty average and cheap home nas, 2 Sata ports, 512MB RAM, gigabit eth, ARM singlecore powerful enough to nearly saturate the gigabit port, some USB 2.0 and one usb 3.0) currently running Debian Jessie, it has a XOR engine that can hardware-accelerate the crc32c checksum (the checksum used in btrfs).
        There are drivers for the XOR in linux, I see the mails in mailing lists about the driver being added and patched.

        How do I check if this engine is used or not for btrfs?