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The Features That Landed So Far In The Linux 4.6 Kernel

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  • The Features That Landed So Far In The Linux 4.6 Kernel

    Phoronix: The Features That Landed So Far In The Linux 4.6 Kernel

    We are a little more than half-way through the Linux 4.6 kernel merge window so here's a quick look at the new changes and features that have made it into the code-base for this next major kernel release...

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    Is there any word on kbus or other systemd in kernel measuresmeasures?


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      hoping for skylake iris gpus to stop crashing..


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        Originally posted by zouboulou View Post
        hoping for skylake iris gpus to stop crashing..
        I have Iris on Broadwell periodically freezing after update to 4.5...


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          Originally posted by debianxfce View Post
          If it speeds up booting with amdgpu cik enabled for kaveri chip. Now the driver is doing something for over 20 seconds before displaying desktop.
          AMDGPU (4.4.5 mainline IIRC) is almost that slow on Carrizo as well. It's slightly jarring that ~7 years older hardware with a significantly lower thermal budget (the Core 2 Duo in the Thinkpad X200) can boot up significantly faster than that (AKA instantly).


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            Looks like a bunch of good updates for 3.6


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              Quick but VERY serious question please. I need someone who knows if this 4.6 would be safe to upgrade to while your entire system is running in raid arrays?

              Currently I have 5 SSD's, 2 in raid for / and 3 more more /home. Using Ubuntu Server 16.04 with Ubuntu Desktop installed. The system is running fantastic, but I keep reading that Kernel 4.6 is quite amazing, especially the improvements with USB and EXT4, even AHCI has been improved from what I have read.

              I have never done a kernel upgrade before while my system was part of a raid setup, so I am wanting to know if installing a new kernel is no different now than it was back on single drives? I know installing will be exactly the same, but will the system freak out and break because of the raid setup? That's my question.

              EDIT: Ok, well after a little reading I figured I might as well take the risk. Sure enough 4.6 runs great and seems to have been no risk at all...
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