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FLIF: The Newest Free Software Image Format For Smaller Web Images

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    Originally posted by SystemCrasher View Post
    But if we take a look on how it works...
    1) Browser devs are generally not experts in image coding.
    Even if they aren't 'experts', I'm failing to see how this is relevant.


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      In addition to things said by others, if FLIF could also do animations like gif, then it really could rule the world.


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        Originally posted by Luke_Wolf View Post
        Well... unless they published the spec, no you can't actually, because in order to reimplement it either you would need to black box reverse engineer what's going on, or you would need to look at the source code. If you looked at the source code then if you do up your own implementation you will have created a "derivative work" which then itself must be under GPL v3. If you're stuck reverse engineering it, then the code might as well have been proprietary in the first place.
        That suggests that the copyright extends to the algorithm, which I very much doubt it does (but IANAL)