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Google Fixes A Longstanding, Important TCP Bug In The Linux Kernel

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    Originally posted by droidhacker View Post

    Not just servers, but also portable devices... where it actually has an even GREATER share than servers (over 80%).
    Then, there're some smart TVs, routers, NAS boxes, "compute sticks" and so on... all this accounts for millions of units and if you carefully look around, you can easily find about 5 devices running Linux vs every single Windows PC. Windows just does not fits many tasks at all. Say, winduz sucks really hard in embedded. Pooly customizable OS with moron licensing terms. It could be better than that for sure.

    When it comes to portable devices... winduz only can support qualcomm SoC. All other SoCs "forced" to love Linux, because ... winduz can't work on anything but qualcomm. EPIC FAIL - all these stories about better hardware compatibility are nuff void.
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