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Jolla Announces A Split, To Focus On Sailfish OS Licensing

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    I kind of wish Nokia could find a way to keep Jolla afloat (no pun intended) and progressing at full steam and eventually offer it as an option when when they finally return to the mobile business after their Microsoft-dictated exile ends.

    Even if it's not mainstream demand yet, there's still ridiculous amount of demand for a trusted and privacy-conscious platform that offers genuine multi-year support.

    Jolla's hardware side didn't have the resources or economies of scale to hit the sweet spot of mass sales, but Nokia would be a different proposition. But they must avoid becoming a mere rebranding of fishy chinese hardware even if their beancounters want to jump in bed with PRC companies.


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      Yea, it doesn't sound bad, Sailfish needs all the adoption it can get at this point.
      And my Jolla phone is just what I had my hopes for. It's a smartphone running an officially supported GNU/Linux, which is just as functional as other smartphones out there, if not more due to Alien Dalvik. I don't see what else one would hope for. (Mind you, I never used N9(00) and stuff.)


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        Originally posted by jntesteves View Post
        Before, they were competing with the likes of Apple, Asus, HTC, LG, Microsoft/Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony and 999 chinese manufacturers.
        Now they "only" have to compete with Android, Blackberry, Cyanogen OS, Firefox OS, Tizen, WebOS and Windows. And most of the above become potential partners. I think this move makes sense.
        - Cyanogen OS
        + Ubuntu touch


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          An what about the news of a Indian mobile company (not revelated yet) will sell phones with SailfishOS?


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            Another Jolla user checking in. I wish them success.

            I love my phone. The UI needs more work, but it has the best mobile terminal out there, and it's a full blown proper Linux, unlike Android phones.


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              I indiegogo'd(?) the Jolla tablet. Hoping it actually still happens. For the specs its incredibly beast for the price, even a year later. And since its x86 and Intel based I'm hoping I can toy with desktop distros on it.


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                Originally posted by murak View Post
                Seems like the beginning of the end, sadly. I own a jolla and while it's nice it was not what I personally was waiting for. I had my hopes up for a N900-2 and I think many others had the same thought.
                I'm similarily affraid.

                I used to by a huge fan of Palm, and I've seen them going through similar splits (spliting their PalmOS and Palm-powered device) that did NOT actually help advance the company.

                Then came their WebOS. I loved the platform (I think they really got the pocket-computer concept, and managed to do it right on smartphone, much better than the others). Kind of liked the devices, too. And appreciated the community of tinkerers.
                And thus, I was very disappointed with happened to them. (bought by HP, which came with a bit better Pre3 device - but without android compatibility layer. Then subsequently sold to LG, where it ended up being used on smartTV. Though I've heard that the platform has received acclaims as far as smartTV OSes go, I'm mostly interested in PDA / pocketcomputer / smartphones and miss that there's no successor to the Pres)

                So I switched to Jolla, because of Sailfish's Maemo/Meego roots (And because of the android compatibility layer).
                Again I like this platform (not as good as WebOS in my eyes, but still much better than the rest of the current offering. I've even started compiling a few RPMs packages for it). Phone is okay (though a few shortcomings). Also an interesting community of tinkerer.

                So now with this news, I'm anxious that history is going to repeat it self yet another time:
                yet again I'm falling in love with a doomed platform.

                It sucks to have attraction for weird unpopular features.

                Originally posted by Luke_Wolf View Post
                Why the doom and gloom? I thought this was always Jolla's long term plan. They can't exactly expand into OS licensing without divesting the licensing company of the hardware they're making, and there's no reason to do this unless they've got enough interest from OEMs to actually make this work.
                It's just that I've been burn with my attraction to Palm devices before.

                I just hope that I'm actually wrong, that Sailfish will get popular with OEMs, and this will help Jolla's current hardware shortcomings.

                (Or alternatively that some miracle will make OpenWebOS / LuneOS or LG's WebOS gain some traction as a PDA / Smartphone platform)

                Originally posted by zanny View Post
                And since its x86 and Intel based I'm hoping I can toy with desktop distros on it.
                Well technically, you don't need an x86 to install a desktop distro (e.g.: Opensuse have an ARM spin)


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                  I'd love to have a Jolla phone, or other Sailfish phone, but here in Poland, a 250? phone is way too costly, and no carrier subsidizes it :-(. I can't stand Android, it's so cumbersome and slow (I got a Galaxy S3 mini).


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                    Originally posted by Cyber Killer View Post
                    here in Poland, a 250? phone is way too costly, and no carrier subsidizes it :-(
                    No, it isn't. I'm from Poland, I'm not really rich, and I bought Jolla just after it's release - and about half year ago my friend bought it too. (By the way, thanks Jolla for a nice turquoise ba No carrier subsidizes it? No carrier subsidizes anything, they only give you a loan. And if you need a loan, go to a bank.

                    Jolla costs 100 EUR more than your Galaxy, and is infinitely better. Simply go for it, you won't have regrets. It's the best phone on the Earth


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