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Pinos Is For Linux Video What PulseAudio Is For Audio

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    Yes the hate for pulseaudio and everyone that mentions it is very funny :-) I wouldn't want to use linux without pulseaudio, because for the first time I can use my full audio setup in linux.
    Before pulseaudio I would boot into windows to watch movies or listen to music. The only thing that works really good without pulseaudio is your standard fixed stereo speaker setup. For anything else pulseaudio is better. But people without a complex setup don't get that pulseaudio is a heavenly gift for us.


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      It seems the hipster generation has finally arrived at a maturity where they enter into companies and where they start working at their first, real job. So now the hipsters announce software projects before they have completed them very much in the same way evil, mad scientists announce their projects to scare the shit out of the world. Or perhaps they do it to feel fabulous.

      Whatever... While I can understand the problem with mixing many audio sources into one and how the many different projects of the past failed to cooperate to make this work flawlessly, do I not see the same problem with video on Linux. I can play YouTube videos, while I am watching a video in VLC and while my v4l is grabbing my webcam. And I can take it all, encode it and stream it live onto TwitchTV. At best could I ask for a GUI for ffmpeg to make it all work better, but the software is already here and if it is just for displaying videos on my desktop have window managers and display drivers been doing a perfect job for many years now.

      And why would I need to multiplex the output of my webcam? Unless I have become an extroverted personality with the need to stream myself multiple times out into the world, or perhaps show my talent in the use of dildos and vibrators to sell myself in live porn chats, do I not see an issue or a need here.

      So I kind of feel like I should thank them for their announcement, but then step away from it carefully and hope that nothing will hit me in the back when I start running away.


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        Originally posted by sdack View Post
        And why would I need to multiplex the output of my webcam?
        So that you could have multiple programs accessing the same stream?


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          Originally posted by profoundWHALE View Post
          So that you could have multiple programs accessing the same stream?
          It was a rhetorical question. The answer is of course that we do not really need it. We have always avoided redundancies in computing, or to delay them for as long as possible, and we have done so since the beginnings. We are certainly not stopping with it now.

          Implementing multiplexing on the lower layers is commonly a bad idea when we have it on the application layer, because when done on the lower layers will it most likely lead to worse computing. We will end up with multiple programs accessing multiple copies of the same, identical data, which will then perform similar if not identical tasks on it (such as filtering, cropping, adding logos, compressing, etc.). We will lose a lot of internal bandwidth, which could have been used for better purposes instead, and it is something we always try to avoid.

          It is one of the reasons why applications such as ffmpeg and services such as TwitchTV are as successful as they are now. They provide video processing, streaming and of course multiplexing in the most efficient way and allow us to use our existing bandwidths to increase video quality and the number of output streams.

          Not to mention the security issues this may bring in the future when it becomes easier for spyware to access live video feeds thanks to such creeping featurism.
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