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Another Month, Another Round Of Allwinner GPL-Violating Concerns

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  • Another Month, Another Round Of Allwinner GPL-Violating Concerns

    Phoronix: Another Month, Another Round Of Allwinner GPL-Violating Accusations

    For the past few months we've been reporting on Allwinner's apparent violations of (L)GPL code primarily around CedarX/media-related bits. While it looked like things were taking a turn for the better last month when they published some new open-source code and joined the Linux Foundation, there's some fresh criticism this week...

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    I just went to the google groups discussion and I got shocked enough to create an account in a propietary (I think) bulletin board !.
    I don't like very much phoronix. It's got many priorities wrong and it lacks depth and critical view, and it smells consumism. But It feels like a one man tribune, so I dont' demand it to be as diverse as a parliament or as strict as a newspaper (should be). At least it links to sources.

    I keep reading it even if 95% of posts are not interesting because it's an easy way to know free software news without closely following the sources yourself. Other people may read phoronix for other reasons. And even if nobody read it, phoronix would have the right (like anyone else) to post what (truth) it pleases.

    But to find people accusing phoronix of "copy-paste journalism" (which as far as I know would be no crime) and at the same time justifying a multimillion company for taking the work of others and infringing the law is astonishing. So big companies must be prompty excused and gently persuaded that obeying the law is good for them so that they maybe can find a way to further their profits even without selling other people's (companies and volunteers) works without their consent, but a website must be required to excel in journalistic fact-checking and never blow the whistle? What's next ? Are they going to arrest me for public disorder if I cry "thief!" at someone running away with my wallet ? Someone which of course has a different enterpreneurship culture, faces neck-breaking competition and tries hard to improve best practices in his pickpocketing cutting edge innovation, so should be invited to tea in a cozy lobby at his earliest convenience and nicely begged (again) asking to maybe please return the wallet or at least some documents there when he can spare a little moment and kindly get his busy fingers to it.

    The most constructive insight they offer is courts haven't decided whether dynamic linking creates a derived work (but the license authors clearly think so). I guess the hipothetical thief community managers would not be arguing for abolition of private property (which isn't the same as copyright but everything can be argued). They would be arguing that the courts have not decided whether the wallet is really mine, I could have stealed it from someone and the thief didn't have the chance to open it, look for some identity card and realise it wasn't his, so why shouldn't he take it from my pocket ?

    I wish I had money to pay a good lawyer team for Luc... (and I wish courts were reliable)...

    Sorry for venting frustration here, because I'm not sure if this would be feeding trolls, being in another forum, but some days this neofeudalism gets soo tiring...