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Ubuntu's LXD vs. KVM For The Linux Cloud

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  • Ubuntu's LXD vs. KVM For The Linux Cloud

    Phoronix: Ubuntu's LXD vs. KVM For The Linux Cloud

    Since last year Canonical has been developing the new LXD hypervisor. As implied by the name, LXD is derived from the success of LXC...

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    These compete not at all.
    Let's see how lxd compares to the other lxc implementations like docker and rkt. Might even throw in openvz as well.
    What a disingenuous comparison from shuttleworth.
    Also, there are hacks whereby a KVM instance can be spun up in about a second.


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      LXD is a new project by the LXC team that builds on LXC capabilities. It provides unprivileged containers out of the box ( ie non root users can run containers ), multi-host container management and will support live migration. These are big steps forward for container technology.

      The LXC project dates 2009 and is supported by Ubuntu since 2012, and is what Docker was based on.

      LXC gives you system or OS containers, container managment tools and container OS templates. Docker took this as a base, modified the container OS template and init to run a single app.

      Docker, Rocket are focused on single app containers and deployment centric scenarios. LXC has always been focused on OS containers, as a lightweight alternative to VMs and offers a seamless transition for VM workloads.

      For those who are interested we have a quick look at LXD here, and tons on guides on LXC. Systemd-nspawn appears to be a real alternative to LXC

      Disclosure - I run which provides an App store based on LXC containers.


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        and there's