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  • Launchpad Source-Code Within 12 Months

    Phoronix: Launchpad Source-Code Within 12 Months

    This evening at OSCON 2008, Mark Shuttleworth had keynoted and talked about driving innovation within free software, the Web, and Linux on mobile devices were among the topics during his 30 minute talk. In addition, Mark had talked briefly about revision control systems / bug reporting. Of course, he mentioned Canonical's Launchpad...

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    Dumbest idea ever. If what doesn't need to be duplicated a bazillion times, is Launchpad, since the 1 launchpad helps tie in so many things together.

    But nooo, people will now go off spawning their "", making it a) harder for translators since strings won't be shared between projects as much, b) harder for everyone else when they want to search for a project.

    Isn't Google Code not open-source either? And's last download package is from way 2001. Amusing and sad that canonical caved in to random trolls.


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      a) harder for translators since strings won't be shared between projects as much
      buhaha launchpad itself is the problem with translations.. upstreams to do not get translations back and missing QA.. they'd disable rosetta for projects with their own upstream translation infrastrucutre..


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        Upstream can ask Rosetta to disable translations, yes. But to begin with, Rosetta is the best tool for translating, period.


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          so every upstream has to ask them to disable translations instead of them waiting for devs to ask to enable it?

          did you have a look at it is much better than rosetta imo, translators do not have to translate some things twice and everyone profits because of it happening upstream..


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            I don't see a difference in it "happening upstream". The screenshots show it being used in fedora for projects... same as here.

            And you didn't quite understand what does translating the same thing twice mean - it means that if a string is translated *anywhere* across launchpad, be it in another project even, launchpad will suggest you that translation if the strings matches.

            So common strings and tedious tasks like country names become a piece of cake when you just sit clicking the accepting recomendationa and thanking the soul who did it before you


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              Well in Transifex, you put your git (example) repositorie's name in and changes done via the web interface are being commited there.

              The common string feature is definitely good, but still I do not think that LP is the solution just because I have encountered so many wrong translations in Ubuntu and it does not have a search feature to fix them.

              I just fear that with Rosetta the translations stay mainly downstream.