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  • No GPLv3 for MySQL... yet

    Kaj Arno, MySQL VP of community relations, quietly revealed on his blog before Christmas that MySQL has changed its license to "GPL2 Only." This does not mean, however, that the MySQL AB, the well-known open-source DBMS (database management system) vendor, is sticking to the GPLv2 forever.

    Unlike the Linux core developers, who have little if any interest in switching to the GPLv3, MySQL has been involved with creating the GPLv3 since its start.

    Arno wrote, "MySQL has been part of the GPLv3 Committee B advising FSF [the Free Software Foundation] since the GPLv3 draft was announced in January 2006. For GPLv3, we have seen fantastic improvements and hope for GPLv3 to spread."
    Michael Larabel