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    Hi ! folks

    I think a tool where stats over what linux users love or miss in their OS can be helpfull for linux developers.

    My early vision of this tool is a website where every registred user can rate every entities (ex: with a -5 to +5 "SELECT Ajax autoUpdate" ending each result line)

    This way, every one of us can express his needs or his statisfactions in linux parts, by voting for:

    (From the very global category to the very specific feature.)

    + a category (ex office)
    +a sub_category (address book)
    + an existing prog
    + a feature

    features and existing_prog are on the same level of hierarchy.But they could be associated.


    slice_tool |assigned to |Gimp; Krita; Pixel

    So the feature "Slice_tool" could be find (and rate) by browsing ::


    Or CG>image_editor> ALL_features [search ="slice_tool"]

    The difference between this project and other "rating" project (like ohloh as an example) would be to compete the NEEDS of development rates rather than the POPULARITY rates and Activity rates of development.

    real world example::

    Imagine I have some time and good will today, I'm a hadcore coder and linux lover, well what can i do for help ?
    -> I just check the website wich tell me what's the most needed features are and in wich existing program it would pleased the community ,to implement it.
    I can even, if there aren't any existing_prog associated to this feature, begin a brand new project.

    I was wondering what you were thinking about it and what was your ideas.

    ps:Maybe someone will better understand me with this drafty plan of the ["most needed"home page]:

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    That reminds me of Dell's Ideastorm.


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      Many needs and wants are well known. The bigger issue is getting the multiple ego's to play nicely with each other.