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Getting HSA to work with ubuntu 15.04

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  • Getting HSA to work with ubuntu 15.04

    Evening everyone, I've been trying to get HSA up and running on my Ubuntu 15.04 system. It has the hardware requirements (an a10-7850k in particular) with IOMMU enabled in BIOS. In order to have it fully working I need the following components:
    • HSAIL assembler
    • HSA user-space runtime
    • amdkfd kernel-space driver

    The HSAIL assembler I was able to build without problems, as per readme.
    Likewise the runtime installed without any issues from
    The part that is confusing me is the driver. If you look at the readme at, it states that amdkfd is "distributed as part of the mainline Linux kernel from 3.19 and onward". So I guess I assumed that since Ubuntu 15.04 is based around the Linux 3.19 kernel, it would just come with the amdkfd driver. But just installing the runtime and trying to run the tests (after putting the listed requirements at the AMD HSA runtime readme into LD_LIBRARY_PATH, using the libhsakmt listed at the HSA-Drivers readme for those using the mainline 3.19 kernel (

    Attempting to run the check in the file yields bad results. And building the vector copy example and trying to run it also fails. So... how does one go about getting HSA to work on a system using the mainline Linux 3.19 kernel?

    (if in wrong section of forums, move to better one...)