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Plymouth Graphical Boot System Sees Rare Update

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    Plymouth works fine with systemd

    Originally posted by GreatEmerald View Post
    Does it actually function as more than a splash screen on systemd as well? I would have thought systemd wouldn't need anything like that. That post does briefly mention systemd, but I don't think Steve (in 2013) is the right person to ask about that...
    Plymouth does not depend on nor use any particular init system. Passphrase prompting and message handling work assuming the correct code to talk to Plymouth in the programs called by systemd. Systemd itself is not in the way, and it's passphrase handling routines work fine with plymouth --ask-for-password handling the input. Fsck progress handling is said to work now in Ubuntu with compiled themes, but my theme is scripted and I have yet to really screw with that,