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Plymouth Graphical Boot System Sees Rare Update

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  • Plymouth Graphical Boot System Sees Rare Update

    Phoronix: Plymouth Graphical Boot System Sees Rare Update

    Most Linux distributions now use Plymouth as their graphical boot system / splash screen that leverages DRM/KMS kernel support. While many Linux distributions rely on Plymouth, there hasn't been a formal release in the better part of a year -- until yesterday...

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    i yearn for the day when binary drivers are no longer needed so that splash screens can just be done on the framebuffer as they should be


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      Originally posted by phoronix View Post
      the X11 code has been ported over fully to GTK3
      Funny. When KDE proposed Qt-only (i.e. not depending on kdelibs) software to FDO, they told KDE that FDO software can't use a single toolkit. Now that. Double standards?

      Why does a fucking splash screen use GTK anyway?


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        Never worked for me

        I used Plymouth on Ubuntu, multiple versions.
        On Intel, AMD and Nvidia graphics. With closed and open source drivers.
        It never really worked any good.