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Controversy Arises Over SPI Project, Fighting With Elementary OS

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    Originally posted by MoonMoon View Post
    Really? They ask for money for their product? How dare they to do something that is explicitly allowed by the license and its main proponent? How scammy and fraud-like they are. What comes next, calling Red Hat a fraud for charging you for updates?
    First of all, it's not THEIR product. If you want something to be YOURS - go write it from scratch! Then copyright laws are pretty clear: your code is yours. If you took someone's else code, it's not yours. You've got certain license on certain terms to use that code - that's all. In some cases it could allow you to share and modify it, etc. Yet it does not makes you full owner of whole code, no matter what you mumble.

    These nuts are not authors of most of code. So stating it's "their product" is a misnomer, to begin with. If you changed wallpaper and couple of strings it's way too loud to call self a new product and pretend it completely created by you. Also, pretending to be 100% free but then blaming those who haven't paid is something really close to fraud and sounds like very questionable practice. You better to make terms clear or you'll be known as fraudulent cheater. Most open licenses, even GPL, are not against of commerce. However this particular method is questionable to say the least.

    So IMO SPI should stay miles away from these fraudulent nuts. The only thing they can achieve by getting such entities on their side is damage to SPI reputation.
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      Originally posted by ObiWan View Post
      Elementary advertises itself as 100% free and called those who downloaded it without paying as cheaters.....
      Let's be fair for a minute. They have the RIGHT to say whatever they want. They DO work hard (and it shows) in creating a pleasant distro. So the fact that they ask for donation in return is just fine. The fact that they call their non-paying users cheaters is on them but they DO have the RIGHT to speak their mind. Personally I don't use their distro.


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        Originally posted by cocklover View Post
        You don't post the elementary guys calling cheaters to his users, but do you post a article based on g+ comments, nice logic.

        For those who want to read the whole story: (there were more comments, but those were deleted after receiving so much criticism...) and the current post:

        This is the blog post made by Joshua Drake (from SPI):

        This is his latest post:

        Apparently, eOS devs are playing the victim, and, as usual, Michael is ignoring the most convenient part...

        There is no problem in asking for donations or to buy open source software, but calling the users "cheaters" is a whole different thing.
        And these guys are known for their attitude:

        Some more info from reddit:


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          SPI just pwned itself.

          I cant understand how you can support those *******.


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            Is it me or the article from Drake just says that elementaryOS just needs to be more transparent? I found no hate in that article. At the same time, is it really anyone's business if the LLC representing elementary is non-profit or not? The only part that reflects bad on SPI is the aggressive sales pitch claimed by one of the elementary members (but to be fair to SPI there doesn't seem to be recorded proof of this). I refuse to believe SPI's entire credibility can be destroyed by a blog post that says elementaryOS needs to be more transparent of their funding...


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              Originally posted by SystemCrasher View Post
              Elementary OS is known for fraud-like requests to pay for OS in download dialog. It looks for user like if it is unconditional payment, even though smartass can enter 0 and continue free of charge.
              You mean like LibreOffice?



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                Originally posted by asdfblah View Post
                Once again, more info:
                I suggest you also read this: and the corresponding reddit thread:

                This is the controversial phrase:


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                  Originally posted by cb88 View Post
         is a non profit.

                  Extorsion: the practice of obtaining something, especially money, through force or threats.

                  ... Except SPI isn't in it for the money and already have enough money to run thier various projects. So anything Elemantary OS guys say about extorsion is just bunk. If anything it looks like the negative comments were based on ideological differences.

                  Streisand effect anyone? If the Elementary OS guys are in it for proffit and had a negative interaction with SPI there is absolutely nothing wrong with SPI talking about it publicly. If anything it is a healthy thing.
                  Thinking that just because an organization is a "non-profit" that they're not in it for the money is naive. The reality is that 30% of the funds going to a NPO actually being used on the purpose of the charity is considered high, further exactly because of their non-profit status they are incentivized to dump money into "administration" instead in order to return to 0. The same problem is well known to occur with the military because they are also made to race to 0 in order to maintain the current size of their budget and thus a lot of money goes to waste.

                  Now that said organizations like SPI, KDE e.V., The Linux Foundation, the FreeBSD foundation, etc are more likely to actually do their job because they're the governance bodies of various projects, but at the same time they're not immune to things like the "special interests" problem.


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                    Thanks for writing out acronyms/abbreviations once!
                    That really helps and is very appreciated!


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                      This article is trash and is presenting only the Elementary OS' side of the story as factual occurrences while glossing over any details that are not advantageous for this stories shock value.