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The HANS REISER Murder Trial. Timeline and Analysis.

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  • haha, pwned (the guy trolling)


    • Well, you never know, he/she may come back with another name.


      • Originally posted by d2kx View Post
        Yep, I've read that, too. When he knows where his wife is... then he can't be innocent.
        Well.. he COULD still be, allthough it really is looking like he is guilty now


        • This crap about Reiser offering to lead cops to Nina's body,... is exactly that,... crap.

          It first surfaced 4 or 5 weeks ago.

          It was called rumor back then and nothing has changed since.

          Here is what legal analyst Michael Cardoza had to say (on April 29, 2008):

          Cardoza dismissed speculation that Reiser would reveal where the body was as part of any deal. "How does it benefit the district attorney? How does it benefit the family to know how he disposed of the body? You're going to take it from 25 to life what, down to a second, 15 to life? No. You want to tell where the body is, tell where the body is. If you don't, they've got the first-degree conviction. They'll live with that. They will not bargain that away."

          The P.O.S., David Kravets, writes completely biased trash for His article is the only supposedly reputable source of this (now old) lie.

          All the Linux sites point back to this wired article.


          • hahahaha, now he pwns himself.


            • Originally posted by Moronix View Post
              hahahaha, now he pwns himself.
              I'm finally curious enough about it to ask what "pwns" means.


              • You can add the meaning of the "s" at the end byself, can you?


                • Originally posted by Jade View Post
                  I'm finally curious enough about it to ask what "pwns" means.
                  Pwned comes from "owned". It means you got your arse kicked. Usually a gamer term though. I am sure there are other meanings for it as well.

                  Example usage might be: "You got pwned!"


                  • Why Microsoft lackeys hated Hans Reiser.
                    From the kernel mailing list:
                    Sat, 26 Oct 2002 06:42:24 +0400

                    (seems Hans already knew Reiser4 was a killer-product in 2002)

                    Rob Landley wrote:

                    > Reiser4 is probably in this category as well, since Reiser3 went into
                    > the 2.4 stable series and Reiser4 claims to be a seperate filesystem
                    > (like EXT2 and EXT3). Add in the fact that Hans Reiser still hasn't
                    > produced a patch yet, and the decision's pretty easy. (If you disagree,
                    > yell out now...)

                    We will probably release a "very beta" not intended for inclusion on the 27th, and ship a patch for inclusion on Halloween before midnight in some time zone. In the version we will ship on Sunday, reads are only 50% faster than ext2/3 for reading the linux kernel source tree. We have an old kernel in which reads are 105% faster when reading one copy of the linux kernel tree. The delay until Halloween is so that we can figure out why reads were faster in the old kernel, and hopefully make them 105% faster in the newest version of the code.

                    Not sure you want to ship a 3.0 without it. It is 50-150% faster than V3, which makes it a significant competitive advantage. I forget how much faster writes are, something well over 100% faster, and the newest version is faster yet.

                    How do I put it. I'm the last straggler coming back from the hunt, and I've got what looks like it might be a wooly mammoth on my shoulders, and my tribesmen are complaining that I'm late for dinner. How about helping me by cutting down a tree for the roasting spit instead? Think thoughts of the poor hungry Microsoft tribe eating NTFS.

                    Think thoughts of Microsoft suits going into some corporate board room explaining that Windows is worth paying for because of the value add, and some guy in sandals in the back suggests that the company could replace all its 15k rpm SCSI hard drives with 5400rpm IDE drives, and Linux would still be much faster than using NTFS.

                    Think thoughts of Microsoft's OFS catching up to ext2 at long last (surely it will, with all the money they have spent to hire people), and then discovering Windows still offers negative value add filesystem performance-wise.

                    Oh, and it has features too, not just performance....

                    Hans ---
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                    • In a court filing Tuesday, defense attorney William DuBois wrote Alameda County Superior Court Judge Larry Goodman "that in my carefully considered opinion, defendant Hans Reiser may be mentally incompetent as a result of a mental disorder or developmental disability."

                      The filing came about a week ahead of a scheduled July 9 sentencing date, in which Judge Goodman was expected to sentence the 44-year-old developer of the ReiserFS file system to a 25-to-life term for killing his wife in 2006. The filing is expected to scuttle that sentencing date.

                      Lawyers for Hans Reiser claim the Linux developer convicted of murdering his wife may be "mentally incompetent," an argument that, if successful, could send Reiser to a mental institution instead of prison. In a court filing Tuesday, defense attorney William DuBois wrote Alameda County Superior Court Judge Larry Goodman "that in my carefully considered opinion, […]