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SplashTop Running On ASUS Notebook

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  • SplashTop Running On ASUS Notebook

    Phoronix: SplashTop Running On ASUS Notebook

    DeviceVM's SplashTop, a product we had named as one of the greatest Linux innovations in 2007, is sharing a booth this week at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) with ASUS. At their booth we were allowed to check out a SplashTop demo running on an ASUS notebook! This notebook has yet to be introduced by ASUS, but it's intended for high-end gaming and comes with SplashTop Linux as a complementary operating system. This version of SplashTop is slightly updated and has new features too.

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    SplashTop infringes Linux Kernel copyright by not providing full source code

    By not providing only patches and not the full source code to the Linux kernel, SplashTop is infringing the copyright of everyone who has ever contributed code to the Linux kernel under the GNU General Public License. So any one of those developers can sue them (and rightly so!).


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      Looks good and it is certainly interesting. However kind of makes you wonder why would anyone run a full blown OS anymore


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        That notebook is an asus F8 series, I'm writing this post in one. AS for splashtop I didn't see it anywhere, then again I barely played with the computer before formatting and installing fedora.

        Unfortunately I don't have the manual here (in college), but I don't remember seeing any "splashtop". There was a thing called instant fun though :\ As for future models they will include a 2.4ghz processor (mine currently at 2.2ghz) an inboard tv card and a remote control.

        Currently there is one Ati and one Nvidia versions of the laptop, both priced at 1500?

        As fas as linux usability the webcam doesn't work with spca, may work with uvcvideo but there is no package for fedora and I can't manage to compile it for some reason.

        The finger print reader is sitting there, with no purpose whatsoever in linux - I wished the folks at gnome and Kde had a sudden fingerprint love


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          Actually you can use your finger print reader for instant login in GDM