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    Originally posted by gens View Post
    i still have not found a post that explains how systemd brought anything new to linux
    most of them come down to "sysvinit is bad", ignoring a plethora of other init systems (and there are many)
    this one is no exception
    The computers that System V init and BSD init were designed for didn't look like the computers that Linux runs on today.

    Things like hot pluggable hardware, networked storage, virtualization and containers, suspend/resume, mobile devices and the modern Linux kernel with its features for process management etc. basically didn't exist, so it's only natural that they were not supported by the init systems.

    Today, for an init to be usable in general all of these things must be properly supported, and we also need features like proper logging (indexed, tamper proof etc.).

    The people behind systemd set out to do better. They evaluated the existing solutions, upstart and launchd included, and reached the conclusion that the best end result would be achieved by starting from scratch with a new design instead of trying to make more or less hackish extensions to the old code. Yes, with this being software the latter is clearly doable, but in some cases starting with a clean slate is better - see item (3) in RFC1925.

    So what you get from systemd is among other things a well structured, high performance, accessible, reliable, tested and documented init that matches the requirements made by modern Linux installations. You won't get that from any of the alternatives.