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Linux 3.17-rc1 Kernel Released

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    Originally posted by Linux_Chemist View Post
    Actually, i've had one issue too with kernels 3.15+ which might be related?
    TBH, I have no idea, but could be, yeah, I've seen some different bugs related to pciehp. File a bug report and pray someone reads it...


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      Originally posted by [email protected] View Post
      Yes, you're right. It needs a big cleanup, and eventually splitting between different generations of controllers. I tried once to submit a patch which fixed LEDs on the wireless controller, together with a big cleanup, but it ended up being lost in the noise. I don't think there's a maintainer who actually cares about this driver, and if there's one, I haven't heard anything from him, even when valve submitted their big patch :/
      That's a shame I've seen the posts regarding the valve driver but it seems to have gone dead. At least valves driver is installable on other distros, but I hope it makes it into mainline because it's a vast improvement. Also Linux gaming really needs it - the most awesome steambox is nothing without decent controller input.


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        Originally posted by Espionage724 View Post
        Tossed it on all my machines a bit ago So far, nothing appears to be broken.
        So, I noticed something is broken

        I have two different computers with two different 9xxx Atheros wireless chips, and both won't reconnect to 5GHz (maybe all APs) if the router it's connected to disappears. The 5GHz AP I have also isn't seen by either computer (but the AP is up, and my N7 can connect to it). Rebooting the computers allows it to see the 5GHz AP again and reconnect.