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Reiser4 Now Available For Linux 3.15

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  • Reiser4 Now Available For Linux 3.15

    Phoronix: Reiser4 Now Available For Linux 3.15

    While the Linux 3.16 kernel is now stable, a few days ago the Reiser4 file-system was finally ported to Linux 3.15...

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    Is it possible to rename Reiser4 to something else and who would do this? Who's maintaining it now?


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      A rename is a must at this point

      The filesystem is going nowhere with the stigma that hangs over it


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        I can't figure out why they haven't renamed it, I mean companies will change their name in a heartbeat to disassociate themselves from anything negative they or their namesake have done.


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          Well, reiser 3 was rock solid.
          We have moved a lot of servers from ext2 to reiser. But then 2.6 came and reiser was unstable. So everything moved to ext3, then ext4.
          In the mean time we have tried reiser4, jfs, xfs and btrfs. Ext4 remains fast and rock-solid. Reiser4 was a no go due to kernel incompatability.
          jfs and xfs had a lot of problems handling multi threaded loads.
          Btrfs still is a sure way to to get you backups tested with multi threaded loads.

          If reiser4 gets rock solid like reiser3 in 2.4 I would choose it over btrfs, and maybe even over ext4.