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The Greatest Linux Innovations Of 2007

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  • The Greatest Linux Innovations Of 2007

    Phoronix: The Greatest Linux Innovations Of 2007

    The year is winding down and while we have a lot to look forward to next year, what were the greatest Linux innovations of this year? This year at Phoronix, we have published over 325 articles, with most of them being Linux hardware and graphics reviews, and that is in addition to over 700 original news entries. After spending much time in considering what the "best" and most substantial Linux gains over the year have been, we have comprised a list of what we believe are the greatest Linux innovations of 2007 along with our reasoning behind these decisions.

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    I'm missing Debian 4.0 (Etch) in the list of new distribution releases


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      The Greatest Linux Innovations Of 2007
      cfs, kvm, slub, new wireless stack, new firewire stack, and (hopefully this year) lro ?

      title doesn't imply userspace innovations ;-)

      i wish greg kroah-hartman's (probably have miss-spelled that, sorry) opensource driver project/initiative would be counted as one, as it actually properly kicked off this year, though. but it still has time to make a difference.
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        Another great innovation: finally Yum go faster! And use DeltaRPM!
        It's a important feature for all the RHEL, Fedora and Centos users.


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          I personally think there's some more 'innovations' that could be mentioned like:

          1. WINE, it's getting very close to a 1.0 release after 15 years of development
          2. Compiz Fusion, bringing the best of accelerated desktop for everyone
          3. ALSA, for getting (although faulty) more than expected support for OxygenHD
          4. RadeonHD driver, for letting us to have native open-source support for R5/6xx
          5. Mesa, for continuing with their great support for graphics (god bless i965GM)

          and... for me, the best of all

          6. the Linux kernel, for bringing so many new & 'stable' features for all of us

          that's my personal innovation list, at least ^_^



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            Amen to that!