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Snd-Oxygen For C-Media's CMI8788

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  • Snd-Oxygen For C-Media's CMI8788

    Phoronix: Snd-Oxygen For C-Media's CMI8788

    We discovered back in September when running the Razer Barracuda AC-1 with ALSA 1.0.15 that this sound card was quite problematic with the initial CMI8788 ALSA driver. However, last month we reported that the driver was being rewritten from scratch with a much brighter outlook. We have retested the Barracuda AC-1 with its C-Media CMI8788 Oxygen APU using the latest snd-oxygen driver, which also works with other high-end sound cards such as the ASUS Xonar and Auzentech X-Meridian.

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    This is excellent news, a big 'well done' too all those involved.


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      5.1 surround sound ?

      Yes I agree! Excellent work as usual!

      Btw, does the surround sound work correctly?

      From what I can read on the developer homepage it should work. However it would be really nice if this feature could be tested as well. I happen to have a Barracuda HP-1 headset which I use with 5.1 surround.

      Best Regards


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        Well, nice, BUT:
        The biggest and most important feature of this chip hasn't been mentioned at all.
        The capability to encode Dolby Digital and DTS, to pass them through the spdif to a DD/DTS receiver.

        Does that work?
        Does this actually work with any of the cmedia cards (older cards also have this capability)?


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          Maybe need to check on the ALSA site for info on what the driver will support...


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            Originally posted by DeepDayze View Post
            Maybe need to check on the ALSA site for info on what the driver will support...
            Not mentioned there either (or am I blind)?

            Anyway, those chips aren't really for sale anymore, so since I don't own one already, it could be worse.