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kGraft Being Discussed For Inclusion Into Linux-Next

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  • kGraft Being Discussed For Inclusion Into Linux-Next

    Phoronix: kGraft Being Discussed For Inclusion Into Linux-Next

    The SUSE method for live kernel patching, kGraft, is being proposed for possible inclusion into the linux-next branch in hopes it will be merged into an upcoming Linux kernel release cycle...

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    Both Archaic?

    I presumed now that fiddling with out-of-band (high risk) extra patches will soon be obsoleted by CRIU.

    One could once-and-for-all solve this by:
    1. Pausing processes
    2. Using CRIU to save the kernel-side of transactions to a ram disk
    3. Load the replacement kernel
    4. Start the new kernel such that memory is preserved & hardware state is re-established
    5. unbottle kernel state.

    This way there are no custom out-of-bound patches and even complex kernel updates (or full upgrades) work well. I think we lack step 4 only. Then it will just be a push for a faster-booting kernel.


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      It seems that Red Hat's kpatch is in a better shape. At least code and docs are available on GitHub, people can try the PoC on Fedora or Ubuntu.

      kGraft set a higher barrier for people who wants to contribute or even try it.