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VXLAN Support Added To Systemd's Networkd

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    Originally posted by stiiixy View Post
    It was mentioned above that systemd wasn't being upgraded in Ubuntu/Mint with updating in general.

    So I ask, does this happen across all distro's? Does systemd generally stay at the released version in distros, or upgraded only on point releases for sanity's/supports sake maybe?
    Excepting "rolling release" distros like Arch, most distros will probably stay with the same systemd version during the lifespan of the distro release, though they may backport certain fixes.


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      Originally posted by spirit View Post
      Vxlan support is available since kernel 3.7 (decembre 2012), and debian sid don't support it yet to defined them in /etc/network/interfaces.
      (miising /etc/network.d/.... scripts)
      Actually, you are saying that it's quite supported in debian with the up and pre-up stanza's.
      Of all systems I have worked with, the debian way feels the most natural: it works as it should, if it doesn't you can hook your fixes right there.
      To be clear: *NONE* of the existing network configurators work. But of all the bad things out there, debian ifupdown is the least bad.
      Consider IPv6 configuration for example.
      How many network configurator software these days allow you to select which interfaces should have it, and how should it be configured?
      Debian ifupdown doesn't support it, but you can sysctl -w the right settings in the pre-up.
      So, how are we going to hook something simple like this into systemd?
      (If I am right, openwrt is (almost) on the verge of getting it right).
      I hope one day we will get a systemd like daemon, that just has lua hooks everywhere.
      If we can run lua in the kernel as packet filter, why not use it in a init daemon to enable flexibility or patch imperfections.