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Docker 1.0 Officially Released

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  • Docker 1.0 Officially Released

    Phoronix: Docker 1.0 Officially Released

    A year and a half past the first public release of Docker, Docker 1.0 is now available...

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    Shouldn't articles like this start with "Docker is ..." ?


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      Originally posted by Cyborg16 View Post
      Shouldn't articles like this start with "Docker is ..." ?
      my thoughts ...


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        Depends on how much you've been following the news in the linux world.

        The Linux kernel provides cgroups for resource isolation (CPU, memory, block I/O, network, etc.) that do not require starting any virtual machines. The kernel also provides namespaces to completely isolate an application's view of the operating environment, including process trees, network, user ids and mounted file systems. LXC (LinuX Containers) combines cgroups and namespace support to provide an isolated environment for applications; Docker is built on top of LXC, enabling image management and deployment services.
        Linux Containers are getting a lot of interest lately mostly because of 1) Docker and 2)

        Some more info on Docker:

        Docker-On-Fedora Tutorial:

        Just as a quick example you could think of Docker containers as OS X's "Disk Images" Each app is self-contained with exactly what IT needs to run. Or where its getting a lot more use.. You can create an image of an entire operating system, a web or database server, a specific app, anything you need that you need an exact-copy-of. You can then distribute that to whoever needs it.

        Got developers who all need the same setup? Docker it.
        Got multiple web servers that all need to the exact same setup for the server and config files? Docker it.
        Got an app that you need to make sure runs on just about anything supported BY docker and LXC's? Docker it

        ^Obviously the above is simplified, but I'm just trying to givyou guys ideas.


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          Why does everything in Linux have to be 100x harder than it needs to be? Do people get ego strokes by over-engineering stuff?


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            Originally posted by johnc View Post
            Why does everything in Linux have to be 100x harder than it needs to be? Do people get ego strokes by over-engineering stuff?
            How is it over-engineered?


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              Docker - set of tools that use modern Linux features to provide lightweight VMs* running on top of just Linux kernel. Preparation of containers (those VMs*), is standardized. Deployment of singe container is matter of seconds. Docker integrate easily with deployment tools, making starting Thousands of servers as fast as starting single one.

              So You must have box running Linux, then You install Docker, prepare container (or use one of many available from public repo). And deploy it.

              That is it.

              (Now, compare it to tedious setup of real VMs)

              * With docker there is NO virtualization going on. Just host kernel provision hardware resources to containers that run in it.

              (My usage is for running Node.js on DigitalOcean, where I have my set up ready in 3min, and app running in 4min. AFTER I create box there )
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