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The TvHeadend Project Might Be On Its Last Channel

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  • The TvHeadend Project Might Be On Its Last Channel

    Phoronix: The TvHeadend Project Might Be On Its Last Channel

    The TvHeadend project is a long-standing TV streaming server for Linux, but its main developer may be fading out after not finding many contributions and new user engagement from the community...

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    One problem is a lot of people who use something like a HTPC use it on a TV, where something like this is slightly obsoleted. Another problem is getting it known. I never knew this existed until now.


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      That's too bad. I really liked the idea behind TVHeadend. It was a fair bit more lightweight than something like Mythtv. I used it for a period of time when I was using an HDHomerun to send tv around my house. I stopped using it when I switched to a fiber internet company that made the tv+internet package cheaper than regular tv. (It helped that their set top boxes used ethernet since I have no coax in my house).


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        It is also hard to be excited about DVR tech. The broadcast cable industry is already in its death throes, at least from a growth perspective. We all know that inevitably we are going to be using the Internet for all video anyway. So then you go back and implement all these obtuse awful international broadcast decoding standards and have to maintain them for something that just isn't new and blingy to attract the developer hours.


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          There are 26 git pull requests from people other than Adam Sutton that have little discussion and appear to be just sitting there. I'm not sure comments like "the extra input I'd hoped would materialise from new users etc... has not happened" are really justified. The commit log is also pretty active outside of Adam Sutton. What the hell is he talking about?

          Even if it doesn't get the attention he was wanting, its simply because its not a product of interest. As some people above, I've not even heard of this software. If I had a special interest in what problems this software solved, I might have contributed to it as I have other projects.


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            They are switching to GPLv2.


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              The end for TVHeadend ?

              I feel a bit divided here....

              For one part I have used TVHeadend quite a while with my DVB-T stick under OpenElec. It performed quite nice although I mainly used EPG related stuff in the browser. I never used any streaming since I rarely watch live TV with all this commercial crap.

              For the other part I tried a more recent version of TVHeadend under Xubuntu 12.04 with a PCI DVB-S card was less nice. Dog slow webinterface which was close to being inusable. I switched over to a simple bash script around mplayer, Zenity and at to schedule the few satellite recordings I rarely need to do now when my main PVR box is occupied.

              As for the "extra input he hoped would materialise from new users" I do not know exactly but software projects which are interesting enough for a bigger amount of people usually draw the attention of at least one or two peoples being able and willing to participate development. This being said I do not want to implicate that the interest in TVHeadend is not there (anymore ?).


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                ?? You can use TV headend with TV over internet, for instance you can control your TV channels FROM xbmc, record them without the hassle of the generally sucky provider boxes...

                The thing is, it works quite fine for unencrypted channels, but here in France the encryption some operators use is still not cracked, so you can't access some HD channels for instance.


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                  TV Headend is the best solution for me. Im running a backend with two dual dvb-s2 tuner cards and use several frontends for watching the content (Openelec/Raspberry PI, Openelec / Zotac ION, several Android devices with XBMC). I can record broadcasts and view it on all devices (Tablet, Smartphone, TV). Scheduling is done via XBMC or TVHGuide. A big feature is that i can utilize software descrambling, so i dont need a smartcard for every device/tuner i own. The initial setup of TVH was straightforward, but the webfrontend can be better (EPG, recordings). The XBMC TVH plugin is already very good and stability increased over time.

                  Im prefering TVH over all the properitary solutions that are just too limited in function or raise costs because you need multiple devices and can pay for each one on a monthly base.

                  I would thank all the contributors of this project that have spend so much time and efforts to develop this software, especially Adam who was the driving force over the last two years.

                  I hope that development is not ending here and continues in the future.



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                    Originally posted by ncopa View Post
                    They are switching to GPLv2.
                    No, they are not.