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The TvHeadend Project Might Be On Its Last Channel

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    Originally posted by doom_Oo7 View Post
    ?? You can use TV headend with TV over internet, for instance you can control your TV channels FROM xbmc, record them without the hassle of the generally sucky provider boxes...

    The thing is, it works quite fine for unencrypted channels, but here in France the encryption some operators use is still not cracked, so you can't access some HD channels for instance.
    I use OSCAM for my dvb-s2 needs with a valid payed for card from the sattelite provider. Works perfectly. You might want to check into OSCAM


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      Originally posted by brosis View Post
      No, they are not.
      They only asked contributors to sign over the rights of the contributions to Tvheadend team so that they *could* re-license to GPLv2 *if* they wanted to.

      GPLv2 was specifically mentioned so i just assumed that was the reason that they asked for the rights of my (tiny) contributions to the project. But yes you are right. They actually did not spell out that they will do it.


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        Damn. I bought a TBS MOI box a while back, which runs TVHeadend but I've never got around to getting everything set up. It sounds like a great project and I was really looking forward to using it after fighting with MythTV in the past.


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          shouldn't be a problem; tvheadend is still going strong and won't be abandoned just yet. It may see slower updates while the maintainer hopes for more developers to help