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Linux Web Usage Almost Doubled, Now At ~2%?

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    Originally posted by GreatEmerald View Post
    Well, with the advent of Wayland, the X11 part is going to become obsolete. Again, take Sailfish OS as an example ? it already uses Wayland.

    It's rational to have a non-conflicting name for this, no matter the ABI. "GNU/Linux" fits the best at the moment (you can't call it Linux as that conflicts with the kernel, and you can't call it GNU as it conflicts with Hurd). If someone would make a specific, clearly defined term that refers to these desktop-like GNU/Linux distributions on which standard programs can run, then we could use that and no longer have problems when trying to express exactly what we're talking about. After all, terminology exists in order to allow people to understand each other like that.
    First, I don't believe that "Linux" conflicts. It's disambugated by context. Second, you've already lost in the court of public opinion because "GNU/Linux" has more than three syllables when read out loud and, thus, is too awkward for significant uptake.

    Hell. As the demographics shift toward the less technical, it gets harder to get them to say "Linux" rather than "Ubuntu".


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      You're delusional if you think this is anything but chromeOS. A chromebook has been the best selling laptop on Amazon for over a year. A $200 machine that does everything 80%+ of the general population needs, is there any real surprise that it's so popular? I've purchased one for most of my family members and they still use them.
      Bonus points in that the x86 versions run coreboot/seabios so you can install your favorite linux distro easily if you're a power user.

      ChromeOS/Chromebooks have come a long way and 2014 will be extremely good for the chromebook with the upcoming new lenovo/samsung/asus chromebooks.

      I think it's interesting how fast tech-savvy users forget that most users just want to browse random websites, send emails, and maybe edit a few documents. These people make up a MASSIVE majority of the market share, and chromebooks do what they need. Chromebooks are essentially Mac "it just werks" on a new level.
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        NETMARKETSHARE says that it is 1.6%

        March, 2013 1.17%
        April, 2013 1.21%
        May, 2013 1.26%
        June, 2013 1.28%
        July, 2013 1.25%
        August, 2013 1.52%
        September, 2013 1.65%
        October, 2013 1.61%
        November, 2013 1.56%
        December, 2013 1.73%
        January, 2014 1.60%

        Who knows which counter is right, but it appears to me that all of them have an upward slope. (That is, 1.6 is greater than 1.17)


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          ohh guys... dont fight about something that you will never agree to, some people care about freedom some dont.

          But if you want to type in Linux and you dont mean Android with it, like Michael here did (at least it seems would be news for me that android marketshare is <2%) what better shorter way would it be to make a difference between "Linux" and Android. How do you want to say it in short else? Non-Android-Linux? or what?

          Omg fail, yes Linux did win in the Marketing-war before Android existent, but now its the practical way to call it that way. But if you of course of pure hate of freedom want not give RMS no Credit for his work, even you use his tools on daily basis if you know it or not. And gcc is not a small blabla tool. Asholes... Sorry could not keep that in at that point...

          BTW, the argument is invalid that gnus tools are to less to call it that way... then if you like call it Wayland/Gnu/Linux or GNU/X11/Linux or something, you can make it even bigger if you really want, call it GNU/X11/Apache/Systemd/Linux.

          You even dont care to call your big big linux just Ubuntu, not Ubuntu Linux but Ubuntu you have no problem with that, this retards dont even Mention their big Father Debian... but hey not only calling it linux because the mentioning of gnu before linux would be insulting the work of linus or something ...

          To Ubuntu its slowly loosing users. yes from a high point, but even since years, now the question is does the skandal accellerate that we will see that in 1-2 years.

          * Data from Distrowatch

          And yes I know there is some Spins but even there is not much movement, and its hard to really say what distro you can count together and which not I could Argue you could then count Centos as fedora spin too then you could Argue Mint is also Ubuntu based, so then in Reality ubuntu does not exist as own distro too and we have to count it to debian ^^ So the naked pure Numbers from the main distro is what I think is most interesting, debian nearly has now more users (in this statistik of course thats relative but the growth is interesting, and if you count servers or vms debian is most likely ahead anyway) Mint is maybe up maybe even also ubuntu higher than normal because maybe noobs use such distrowatch sites more for informing them over distros, who knows.

          But to keep it shorter:
          Debian did goes up much
          Fedora did go up a bit
          Arch linux did go up much
          Mint theoreticaly also up much too maybe I live in the wrong place on the earth I know nobody ever using it ^^ but maybe its cool in usa?

          And the big loosers are
          AND Ubuntu

          And that numbers are not even much influenced from Canonical recent fights against their users and the community.

          But we will see in 1-2 years if I am right with that.

          And yes of course that are not total good numbers that prooves how the real proposions are, but at least it maybe gives a ruff idea of if a distro gains or looses users.


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            Originally posted by blackiwid View Post

            * Data from Distrowatch
            which makes it worthless.


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              Originally posted by peppercats View Post
              which makes it worthless.
              so is every data on this topic... there is no better data if you have better data go ahead if not maybe shut up.

              Lol here are so much RMS-Haters, I think if you guys would have weapon with one bullet and bill gates and rms would walk by you would shoot on rms.

              What I find funny because there are people that can keep persons and their work seperated and can agnolodge the contributions from a technical point. But hey who said free software people are fanatic, its the open source guys who let lead their desitions from emotions.

              Some guy even wrote here that X11 is nearly as big as gnu stuff or maybe slightly bigger, and said then calling it X11/Linux would be ok. So X11 is worth mentioning but Gnu with the same size not?

              And even funnier, he said glibc and all the other gnu stuff is easier to replace. At the moment we see X11 gets replaced in 2 years its gone for good on every distro-cd.

              I am not shure but if wayland is a better and simpler design its most likely that it has less lines of code? And its smaller so because its better and uses less lines of code it is not worth mentioning but that garbage X11 is worth because its unneccessary big garbage design even the devolopers themself hate it.

              Yes all logical and technical discussions no emotions included *rofl*


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                Originally posted by blackiwid View Post
                so is every data on this topic... there is no better data if you have better data go ahead if not maybe shut up.

                Ubuntu destroys mint in popularity.


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                  Originally posted by peppercats View Post

                  Ubuntu destroys mint in popularity.
                  that only messures how much people use wikipedia, maybe ubuntu users are specialy dumb and need more often help to understand basic stuff...

                  I think its even a more basic problem:

                  I use fedora here and have nothing tweaked to hide myself so how does your wikipedia squid proxy know that I use Fedora when that is my user agent string:

                  Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:27.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/27.0

                  So again give me some better data. Or proof me that your data is better than that from distrowatch

                  Oh I think I found my category:

                  Other 5,159 M 2.26%
                  Linux x86.64 Ubuntu 515 M 0.23%
                  Linux i686 Ubuntu 466 M 0.20%

                  so in theory there could 5x more fedora users ^^ So ok maybe that data is good
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                    Originally posted by halfmanhalfamazing View Post
                    Who knows which counter is right


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                      Linux Other 1,817 M 0.80%

                      k I am maybe in that... still double the amount of people than ubuntu users.

                      And some of this total "Others" are some linux systems too, so you have 0.4% of ubuntu users and 3% others / other linux users that is totaly unclear what maybe linux distro they use... so that says not much...