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PHP 5.6 Has An Exponential Operator, New Features

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    Been there, done that

    Originally posted by curaga View Post
    PHP devs can't into math. News at 11.
    I am a PHP developer with enough experience to say what I want about the language. Have you seen the RFC for annotations? Somewhat decent, to be honest. Have you seen what they actually want to implement? DOCCOMMENTS?! Why can't they implement Generics in a way that is syntactically consistent with Java? What MORONS!

    Only complete and utter incompetence would warrant things like:
    • Backslashes edge out forward slashes even, let alone colons/periods/gtlt for namespace delimiters
    • Procedural clones of every OO method out there
    • So much junk in the root namespace (to be fair: namespaces are a relatively new feature)
    • Complete lack of naming conventions
    • etc

    I've started moving to J2EE, and if nothing else the whole thing is a cleaner animal.
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