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The "Most Beautiful & Performant" Linux Distro Failed

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  • The "Most Beautiful & Performant" Linux Distro Failed

    Phoronix: The "Most Beautiful & Performant" Linux Distro Failed

    At the beginning of 2013 I wrote about an ambitious Linux distribution that set out to create what its lead developer called would be the most robust, beautiful, and performant Linux operating system out there and ultimately aspired to take on Ubuntu. Well, that distribution is now a matter of the past...

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    If I had a dime for every "big & promising" project that fails...


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      The Raptorial work was interesting to me since I find apt kind of slow when run from a mechanical drive. It would be nice if some of the work went towards apt performance improvements, but I'm not holding my breath...


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        radeon-profile tool that is now actively developed as a replacement for driconf was basically resurrected by (to small degree) me simply by UPing it in the thread and original developer STILL caring and responding to work on bugs. It immediately catched up after having long time coma.

        This is what I wish Nick Black.

        Durability is the key factor to success. It is what all failed distros missed. People need durability as a guarantee that their contributions won't fade into past. Continue even if the issue seems slick. You never know.


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          Project making wild claims of being Best Ever fails. News at 11.


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            Originally posted by elanthis View Post
            Project making wild claims of being Best Ever fails. News at 11.
            I thought it was obvious that their claims weren't serious and a humorous jab at distros that take themselves too seriously.


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              some good ideas, needed support for time and work

              That Nick couldn't make a go with consulting to support Sprazz is not an uncommon thing to happen to any developer, nor the lack of outside support of any useful kind, and I think that knocking him for that doesn't help anything or anyone.

              Easily half of what he talked about and was trying to do were well over my head but I spent the better part of a day going through his stuff, trying to follow as I could. My view, man has an interesting mind, some good ideas, and I believe he could offer some solid improvements where and as they might apply. His philosophical approach alone is a breath of fresh air.

              I hope he does well, does not get discouraged or bitter over a setback, and is able again to do some work on whatever he sets his mind to. I figure at the very least it'll be interesting, likely stimulating, and quite possibly useful to the community.