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OpenACC Over OpenMP Proposed For GCC Compiler

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  • OpenACC Over OpenMP Proposed For GCC Compiler

    Phoronix: OpenACC Over OpenMP Proposed For GCC Compiler

    As some more interesting GCC compiler news this week besides the integration of Intel Cilk Plus support and C11 _Atomic support being ready is a new competing implementation of the OpenACC parallel programming standard for the GNU Compiler Collection...

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    Why not C++ Amp, I wonder?


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      Originally posted by siavashserver
      Because it isn't an open standard.
      C++ AMP open specification.

      And if you don't consider that "open," you should admit that "OpenCL" isn't open either given that it's produced by a closed industry consortium with zero community involvement.

      Originally posted by siavashserver
      ^ It is implemented over DirectX11.
      No, no it isn't. A single _implementation_ uses DX11 but the spec does not mandate this in any way just like OpenACC (and AMP) can be implemented via OpenCL but does not at all require it or even suggest it. Hence why there has already been an implementation of AMP via OpenCL for Clang.

      I get it, everyone hates Microsoft... but really, Googling for 5 seconds to fact check is not hard, people.