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Amazon EC2 Cloud Comparison Performance Benchmarks

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    [QUOTE=PelPix;358577]How long do the benches take? 2, 3, 4 hours? I can't see that costing more than $50 total to test all the tiers on an ultralight service like digitalocean. If it's more like 10 or 12, I can understand. Linode may also be significantly more expensive because of their larger and more useful toolset though.

    I think linode and AWS are ten times as expensive as digitalocean, as far as I can remember, but you get what you pay for with more load distribution flexibility and additional services.

    Let me do the math and see if I have the money either.


    I forgot. Linode doesn't have per-hour billing, does it? That limits things a lot, so I guess it's just down to DigitalOcean and AWS unless we want to spend a truckload of cash.[/QUOTE

    Im usually lucky if a enterprise/virt article makes even 50$ in ad views, not to mention my time required, etc.
    Michael Larabel