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Libav Picks Up A WebP Decoder

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  • Libav Picks Up A WebP Decoder

    Phoronix: Libav Picks Up A WebP Decoder

    The FFmpeg-forked Libav project now has support for decoding Google's WebP format...

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    WebP hasn't taken off quite like WebM/VP8
    Facebook is a big supporter of WebP.


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      Originally posted by d2kx View Post
      Facebook is a big supporter of WebP.
      Facebook is the only supporter of WebP.


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        Google...reinventing the Internet.
        • WebM -- an audio/video format
        • WebP -- an image format
        • Jingle -- multimedia interactions over XMPP
        • WebRTC -- a real-time communication API
        • SPDY -- a proposal for HTTP 2.0
        • Dart -- a web programming language
        • Protocol Buffers -- an interprocess/program communications mechanism
        • QUIC -- connection-oriented transport on UDP, trying to be "better" than TCP


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          Webp sounds nice until you talk with the experts. At this moment most websites including the big top 100 websites use badly optimized jpg. When you optimize jpg the difference with webp becomes really small. If these websites don't take the time to optimize they don't care about file size.
          On the other hand if browsers begin supporting another file format they have to develop, debug, update, test, support this new format with almost no benefit.