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Btrfs Gets Performance Improvements In Linux 3.12

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  • Btrfs Gets Performance Improvements In Linux 3.12

    Phoronix: Btrfs Gets Performance Improvements In Linux 3.12

    We're late into the Linux 3.12 merge window and other prominent file-systems were already updated but on Thursday evening the Btrfs updates for the 3.12 kernel were finally published. With the new Btrfs pull does come some notable changes for this next-generation Linux file-system...

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    and those changes do kick serious ass
    (especially during everday usage - e.g. launching apps, browsing folders with lots of files, etc. etc.)


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      Perhaps they should fix the on-disk format with a btrfs v2.0 before it has gained widespread adoption instead of patching it with hacks.


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        Does someone know when raid5/6 will be usable?


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          Anyone know if the dedup solution is file or block based ? Offline block dedup of VM image backups would be nice.


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            Test databases on BTRFS

            I'd like to see a comparison of databases on Phoronix with btrfs on a disk speed limited system.

            Why? Lot's of application use mysql or sqlite to store stuff (i.e. Firefox, Kontact). At the same time we are getting systems that boot just from a SD card (raspberry pi). Right now I'm typing on a eeepc with slow ASUS-PHISON OB SSD, and I can tell you, most things work fine, except starting up Kontact (mysql) and Firefox (sqlite).

            I would be good to watch if btrfs is improving it's performance with databases. And what would be better if the disk is really the limit.


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              The solution to that might be to "fix the apps", not "change your FS" :P