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    Originally posted by liam View Post
    Assuming is correct, it seems as if ttf is actually the more capable format, but that cff is easier to implement on the font designer's side.
    Also, I think pdf is, more or less, a superset of ps so apple's display server shouldn't necessarily be worse off simply b/c of that change, IIUC.
    Lastly, my understanding of the way osx handles fonts is that they let they leave the hardwork to the fonts themselves (which seems like the ttf methodology), so the fonts can end up hanging themselves if the font package is poor.
    This is entirely wrong. Maybe read this


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      Originally posted by Nuc!eoN View Post
      This is entirely wrong. Maybe read this
      A very quick read of that says nothing that contradicts what was said in that adobe link, nor what I said.
      Perhaps you could point out exact areas of disagreement?
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