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Leap Motion Support Comes To Linux

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    One example: for the android emulator. (Maybe we can also get mpx then. And maybe we can finally get mpx support in mainstream window managers.)


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      A better solution to LEAP, Duo3D:

      If you watch the demo videos, the peformance (latency/accuracy) seems the same as LEAP. Unfortunately, the LEAP restricts access to raw camera data for proprietary/IP reasons. Finally, the Duo3D has open-source drivers - 'nuff said.

      I have no affiliation with either group.


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        Originally posted by mahalin View Post
        A better solution to LEAP, Duo3D:...
        Both look pretty interesting, but as you said the Duo3D is more open which makes me more interested in that project. Though they are also charging more to get all the parts that you still need to assemble yourself.

        I've been thinking recently about looking for a Kinect alternative to mess around with some 3D scanning ideas I want to work on. I really didn't want any of my money fueling the Microsoft war effort so it is really cool to have a few alternatives to choose from.

        Haven't done much in the way of assembling electronics, but maybe now is the time to get my hands dirty and give Duo3D a go at either the $20 or $40 levels that gives the plans needed to make my own. Getting the case at the $40 level is nice to, though I wonder if the 3d printing can be done for less than $20.


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          I think the Duo3D offers both assembled and DIY kits.

          Although LEAP is already trying to make its way into devices such as their contract with ASUS.