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Top Features For The Linux 3.9 Kernel

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  • Top Features For The Linux 3.9 Kernel

    Phoronix: Top Features For The Linux 3.9 Kernel

    The merge window for the Linux 3.9 kernel is coming to a close and most of the major merges have already occurred, so let's take a look at some of the best new features coming to this next Linux kernel release...

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    Michael always seems to miss this feature, which is surprising because of his Sputnik covering.

    Kernel 3.9 finally makes the sputnik kernel obsolete. Before there were various backlight issues, and the driver for the cypress touchpad in the Dell XPS 13z was not mainlined, but were available via the project Sputnik isos. Kernel 3.9 mainlines the backlight fixes and the cypress driver.


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      Not as interesting to some folks here, but one more thing that patches are available for is building without perl:
      [PATCH 0/3] build linux-next without perl
      Rob Landley's rationale
      Marek's comments

      More-or-less, it's to simplify & speed up cross-compiling.


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        Any chance that Ironlake RC6 will be made default any time soon? I might have not looked too closely, but I didn't see much happen toward that sinse last revert commit.


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          intel doesn't care about old hardware so no