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NILFS2: A Slow But Dependable Linux File-System

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  • NILFS2: A Slow But Dependable Linux File-System

    Phoronix: NILFS2: A Slow But Dependable Linux File-System

    Last week when benchmarking the new F2FS file-system from Samsung that was introduced in the Linux 3.8 kernel its performance was compared to Btrfs, EXT3, EXT4, XFS, JFS, and ReiserFS. For those hoping to see file-system performance results of NILFS2, those results are available today.

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    NILFS2 isn't that slow on USB key, but there it is not that dependable either.

    I used to use it for my boot partition on USB stick, where I kept mini copy of whole system, just in case I need to service main RAID.

    Problem is, when you do massive updates of many small files on it, it obviously triggers some kind of avalanche and NILFS2 gets stuck in some kind of perpetual update loop.

    I tried increasing it's reserve area from default 5% or so, but it did not work for me.

    That's why I am waiting for F2FS...


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      It looks like NILFS2, BTRFS and ZFS are the only filesystems that do data checksumming against bit rot.
      So, of all of them, only NILFS2 is stable. The choice is obvious...