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I want to get a second HDD to install Linux on!

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  • I want to get a second HDD to install Linux on!

    So I am finally making the jump. Still, some questions remain. I wrote the following text up a while ago, and despite no longer considering Ubuntu as my main choice of Linux distro, I would still like these questions to be answered if you would be so kind as they may change my mind about Ubuntu. My current choices are the following: Linux Mint KDE, Cinnamon, or MATE, Linux Lite, and if I end up gaining enough courage, Arch Linux. Here's the text regarding Ubuntu for now, though:

    I like screen real estate and I don't recall being able to hide the task bar in Ubuntu. Is it possible now? I don't need to see the task bar when I am browsing the web and all I need is the tab bar and address bar. The task bar can show itself when I tell it to by moving my cursor to wherever I have the task bar.

    I remember having issues playing Flash videos. For instance, when in full screen mode, I wouldn't be able to start/stop what I was watching unless I pressed Esc on my keyboard (to exit full screen mode), started or stopped the video with the mouse, and then entered full screen mode again. I know that Adobe has ceased Flash support for Linux, but does this issue remain? HTML5 has not yet been as widely adopted as I would like it to, so this does matter a lot to me.

    I like utilizing power saving options so that when I am away from my desktop for an unexpected amount of time, it turns off my display, then goes to sleep, and so on. Ubuntu obviously has power saving options, but when watching stuff online, I remember power saving kicking in (the screen going darker and then turning off after a while) despite me watching something. This is not the case in Windows, and I don't want to touch the mouse every 10 minutes just to keep my screen at optimal brightness. Ubuntu should know that the computer is being active. Has this been fixed?

    Lastly, and this is the least important as well as a purely aesthetic issue, but can I rotate desktop wallpapers like I can in Windows 7? I have come to adore this feature quite a bit. I have looked into DesktopNova and Desktop Drapes but are they actually any good? Do they function well with Unity?