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The Year of the Linux Desktop

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  • The Year of the Linux Desktop

    Ok, I have been reading all over the internet about a repeating question regarding the "year of the Linux desktop". In my honest opinion, I think we've had that already in 2012. With Valve bringing Steam to Linux and many of the advancements that have been made over the year 2012, I think this question has become irrelevant. If we review the many many things that have been made in 2012, I think we've gotten there. Now I am not saying that we are perfect or Linux is going to knock Windows off the charts, but my thought here is we finally have the foundation necessary to achieve greater marketshare. So as long as we keep working together and showing people the power of Linux, I think its only "up" from here. Ease of use has come a long way and Linux is no longer for computer gurus necessarily. I've also been watching Phoronix diligently for YEARS now and some of Michael's recent posts, especially the one of Blizzard planning on bringing a game to Linux in order to "test the water" is showing me... We've done it. Companies see us and the companies we WANT to see us. Now I'm posting this to get others opinions on this matter, please do not flame or start a fight over this. I am merely pointing out observations I have noticed. We have come so far and as a community we should be proud as a whole on what's been done. And as much as Android is NOT a desktop system, its rocking the smartphone world big time. 2012 was a fantastic year for Linux. Please give your input on what you think.